Mitsubishi Electric is a leading global manufacturer of air conditioning, ventilation and renewable solutions, with an advanced range of products and services designed to help meet the need for energy efficient comfort in buildings, both now and into the future.

The Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme has been devised to forge a strong link with partners within the industry to ensure customers receive the highest level of installation and after sales care.

As one of Mitsubishi Electric’s Partners, we adhere to the strict guidelines set out by the Partner Programme. Such as standards for installation, commissioning and maintenance, and the quality of staff and training – all designed to deliver an assured, uniform and professional service on which you can rely.

Benefits include an extended warranty on air conditioning equipment, and the financial peace of mind that you are dealing with an approved and dedicated partner that will provide full support throughout the entire life-cycle of your air conditioning systems.

Partners receive priority technical back-up from Mitsubishi Electric, meaning we are able to contact technical support whenever required to ensure that installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs go as smoothly as possible regardless of any issues that may arise.

Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced air conditioning is designed to deliver optimum comfort, help reduce running costs and minimise environmental impact. Three different product ranges enable our partners to offer the perfect solution for any situation.

M Series

Designed to heat or cool small to medium sized applications, the M Series provides a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution. Quick to install and also one of the quietest units on the market (as low as 19dBA*1), this newly designed, attractive range offers the perfect way to ensure a comfortable environment with the minimum of disruption.

Mr Slim

Suitable for heating or cooling a huge variety of applications, Mr Slim is one of Britain’s most popular air conditioning split-systems. Combine the efficiency with the complete versatility that this range has to offer and the possibilities are virtually infinite.

The updated Mr Slim range includes new features and improvements to the already impressive efficiency levels. New to the range is an enhanced Standard Inverter offering, now also available as a 3-phase option. Complementing this, the Mr Slim Zubadan Inverter range of outdoor units guarantee heating operation down to -25°C ambient air temperature, allowing set temperatures to be reached faster.

City Multi VRF

The City Multi range is Mitsubishi Electric’s answer to large scale VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) applications. The performance of City Multi is second to none and offers a substantial increase in energy efficiency, with corresponding EER/COP ratings. City Multi delivers a simple and flexible solution where there is a demand for a changeover capability between heating and cooling, helping to ensure a constant, comfortable indoor climate.

Designed for seasonal efficiency from day one, the City Multi YLM is a pioneering VRF system that incorporates a unique flat tube aluminium micro-channel heat exchanger to increase efficiency, reduce refrigerant volume and offer a lower unit weight.

Restrictions on the use of refrigerants in some occupied spaces such as hotels and meeting rooms can mean the inclusion of leak detection equipment with additional cost and maintenance regimes. To respond to this challenge, Mitsubishi Electric has developed the unique City Multi Hybrid VRF system, which uses water to simultaneously heat or cool different rooms within a building. Hybrid VRF can help with compliance to regulations such as EN378.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Poor air quality is a growing problem as our buildings become more energy efficient and air tight. Lossnay’s unique paper core helps overcome this by efficiently recovering heat from rejected, stale air to heat or cool incoming fresh air. Lossnay MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems are suitable for anything from an individual room, right up to a stadium, school or shopping centre and can work in isolation or in conjunction with air conditioning systems.

The pioneering Lossnay Kanzen Air Handling Unit (AHU) bridges the gap between standard and bespoke AHU solutions with a range of added benefits included as standard.

Renewable Heating

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the future of viable, mass market, low carbon domestic and commercial heating with the award-winning Ecodan® air source heat pump systems. Accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), Ecodan offers homes and commercial properties a viable, low carbon alternative to gas and oil heating.

Heating accounts for more than half of the total energy consumed by an average building, so this is the obvious area to target to make the required difference in reducing energy use and lowering carbon emissions.

The Ecodan range has been designed to deliver this low carbon potential to any property from an individual home, commercial building, or across an entire district or community.